Sietske Wielsma

Horizon Zero Dawn

I worked on this game for 1,5 years in the pre-production stage as an intern. The first half year I worked together with a very small team of around 12 people. My earliest of tasks was to block out (very roughly) the mood, scale and feel of one of the mayor city structures that was designed by the concept artists. When the style and shape were set the concept artists did there pass on the buildings and overall style which was being worked out by us again in turn. Detailing of the models was done by outsourcing,

As junior Environment Artist, almost 2 years later in production, I was responsible for creating settlements, camps or any art relates tasks necessary for quests or NPC’s (living world).

Here you’ll see a selection of in-game locations that I worked on. Some of them I worked on blockouts for the individual elements, some I worked on with multiple environment artists and other I build from the ground up within the constrains the designers gave me.

To get more info on the game check out Guerrilla Games website: