Naughties Nostalgia

This little project was made over the span of a few evenings and a weekend.

It was made as an entrée in the animation/video competition for Easter Revision Party 2021
Design is based on my vision of what my memories/vision of the end of the 90’s beginning of the 00’s looked like. It was fun do let my memories take hold on the choices of objects I wanted to put in the projcect. In the end it looked close to the livingroom with the “family shared computer time” (minus the kitchen timer) my high school friend used to have :)

I used the usual method of making my models and textures (as well as some lazy photo slapping.)
Lighting and rendering was done in Marmoset and minor touches in Adobe Premiere.
I had some help with my camera work as well as the code generated maze model (that would have taken a lot of time if I had to make it by hand)
so thank you once again Trevor!
The music under the video has been made by RoccoW, so also a thank you there to make my entrée fit the demo vibe more