Neo Classical plaza

This project was made in collaboration with Feike for his internship/Graduation project.
Feike was the creator and designer of all the Houdini tools for the generation of the buildings shown. While my tasks was to facilitate him with art and art direction to thoroughly put his Houdini tools to the test.

Looking back to the project, it was a huge learning experience for me to work close together with someone specialized in Houdini who is making tools for “us” the environment artists. In my work experience I worked close together with designers, and tool coders before and for this project I am happy to say communication with a ProcedualArtists also worked out well.

The shape of the buildings were generated based on mesh inputs (e.g the windows, trim and railing placements) and further designed by me with the use of inputs and sliders of the Houdini tool. Because of the power Houdini tools I had to spend very little time clicking together these modular buildings and I could spend it on focusing on the bigger picture, like the plaza design , but also zoom in on the assets/ textures make them as good looking as possible.

As for the design of the final plaza, that is completely fictional. I based it on a combination of Dutch and Belgian cities with hints of other plazas found in Europe. Since both me and Feike studied in the same city there might be some elements of nostalgia found in the choices regarding shapes and textures of the buildings.